Blender classes in ENSAG (School of Architecture of Grenoble, France)

For the third time, I’m giving a 5 days intensive training on Blender to 5th year students of the National School of Architecture of Grenoble in France. This course is giving to the students basic knowledge about Blender with a design approach : I try to teach them how to use Blender tools to give life to their ideas and concepts directly in 3D.  By modelling free forms of conceptual buildings, I try to show them that 3D tools are much more than rendering tools for architects, and can be used to sketch designs directly in 3D. By the way, this approach makes them enjoy and have fun, but I still teach them basic knowledge on most tools they will have to use in their professionnal works.

You will find here the PDF (65 pages, in French) of my classes. Some pages are still missing. You can come back in a few days to have the finished one. You can download the ODP version too (48 megas) under CC-nc-by-sa.

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