Blender for modelling

You can use Blender in your workflow to complete the work done in a CAD software, like adding details or shapes too difficult to model in CAD software. Or you can use it on its own too model completly your designs.

  • Import-export : Blender can exchange data with most of the other softwares, using popular formats, in 2D or 3DS. You could for example import a 2D DXF file to model in Blender frome the floor plans. To exchange 3D data, you can use 3ds,  wrl, obj or dae. The following example is a house imported from archicad and the final render in Blender with the curvy walls (straw bale house) impossible to model in CAD software.

modelearchicad rendumaisonpaille

  • Precision Modeling : though not a CAD software, you can model with extreme precision in Blender, and a lot of tools help you in here (measure, snapping, align…). The following image is a render of a technical design for straw bale house, completlys designed and modelled in Blender. The power and speed of Blender allow me to be faster with it than with a CAD tool despite the lack of some CAD tools.
  • Workflow : The two above points aloow you to use Blender in a workflow that can include other softwares and other companies. The following image is a render of wooden structure of a wooden frame house. The roof and floor design by the carpenter (in CATIA) was imported in Blender to check the connexion with the walls. This house is today  finished.
Charpente tricube

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