• engineer ECAM (Lyon)
  • architect (ENSAG Grenoble)
  • specialisation in raw-earth building (postgraduate) at ENSAG (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble)

Work experiences


  • Since February 2013 : founder and Fabmanager of the Fablab Chantier Libre
  • Since October 2006: freelance architect specialized in ecological building
  • March 2006 – June 2006 : For a rebuilding program in Cachemir (Pakistan) following an earthquake: Design of seismic resistant buildings using vernacular technics (stone and wood). Writing of a technical manual (130 pages) for bricklayers.
  • March 2004 – August 2004: For the building program and historical restoration program of Bam (Iran). Setting up of a laboratory for earth analysis regarding historical and contemporean building. Diagnosis on local building technics against seismic resistance.
  • October 2003 – February 2004: Writing of a teaching manual (140 pages) for bricklayers and teachers in Nigeria and Ghana : “Technical Guide on Site Construction Skills for Bricklayers of Clay Bricks and CEB” (CRATerre).
  • Juin 2002 et Juin 2003: Organisation et animation d’ateliers pédagogiques pour l’exposition “Grains d’Isère” aux Grands Ateliers de l’Isle d’Abeau. Atelier de moulage et maçonnerie d’adobes, ateliers sur les matériaux en grains (CRATerre).
  • August 1997 – July 1999: Teacher in a High School in Ihiala, Nigeria.  Mathematics, Frenc and Physics teacher. Setting up of the Physics Laboratory.


  • Fluent english
  • Fluent Portuguese (one year in Brazil)
  • Working knowledge of Spanish (3 months in Mexico)
  • Basic German



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